Jacquelyn Roesch-Sanchez, textile designer and fiber artist, creates her artwork through a meditative process, with time and contemplation as necessary components to attain the final results. From January – March, 2022, she designed and produced eight Meditation Screens, each measuring 26” X 48”. Designed to hang on a wall, suspend from a ceiling or display.

Top Left: Blue Lagoon XXX; Near Left: Earthly Delights XXXII; Near Right: Forest Primeval XXXII; Top Right: After the Storm LXXXIII.


Fiber Art wall pieces consist of multiple threads, hand-loom knitted and attached to upholstery or drapery fabric then stretched on canvas. Combinations of colors contrast with lush backgrounds to create a rich, yet minimalistic view.

Bottom Left: Radiant Energy XXVIII; Bottom Right: Hot Miami XXVI


4 Meditation Screens on gray wall: Detail of a Meditation Screen Installation: Left: After the Storm LXXXIII; Near Left: View From the Shore XXX; Near Right: Skipping Stones XXXII; Right: New Moon, Night Sky XXXII

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